Artisanal Lip Balm


Because dry lips is not a good look. Unisex.

“The best lip balm ever.”
“BY FAR the best handmade lip balm I’ve ever used.”
“My boyfriend stole my lip [balm]!”
“This is great lip balm, not too sticky or waxy and feels like it will stay on for a long time.”



  • 0.20 oz/5.6g net weight each
  • untinted
  • Unisex – lots of dudes “borrow” from their female friends, family members 🙂 That’s a good sign, I think.
  • non-waxy, staying power (no migration!)
  • Formulated as a gloss/matte hybrid to give a bit of sheen but not glossy
  • ALLERGEN notice for Crispy Bacon only – contains some hydrolyzed (fancy word for chopped up) soy protein(s).

Free-hand poured – I don’t use a tray, nothing is in contact with or scraped across the lip / surface -using my own formulation which I blend from scratch – of candelilla (natural plant) wax, unhydrogenated food or USP grade vegetable oils (olive, castor bean, grape seed), vitamin E and scent; depending on the scent, may also include mineral oxides, mica and/or annatto seed infusion.

Additional information


Earl Grey, Lemon Violet, Wild Root, Blackberry Jasmine Tea, Hops, Black Cherry, Bourbonite, Smooch (lavender & pumpkin pie), Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries, mmm Mango, Coffee, Rose Candy, Chardonnay Grapes, Mojito, Crispy Bacon (fakin' & vegan), Lemon Basil, Lavender Lemon, Licorice Mint, Cinnamon, CranOrange, Pink Bubble Gum, CocoNana

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